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Decidedly Less Vulgar
June 28, 2006, 1:48 pm
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New Show: Decidedly Less Vulgar

The new show is up, thus proving that I’m not just a one hit wonder. Hooray! Today we discuss middle class Satanists, local newscasting, ageing rockstars and we have another story from Kim. Oh, and Pirates. Everyone loves pirates!

Show Links:

Fiction by Anne 2 is the story in today’s show.
The Hek, otherwise known as Eric, is a fellow member of the Carleton Impro Asscoiation.
Billy Ruffian, otherwise known as Owen, is a another member of that same organisation.
Noel is too. In fact, he was in charge before he decided that there were greener pastures to be grazed working for ABC in Washington. Good luck with the move, Noel!


The Inaugural Episode!
June 21, 2006, 1:56 pm
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New Show: The Inaugural Episode!

The first episode has arrived! This week on the show we have a scientific revalation, some resturant humour, a sneak peek inside the UN and some chap called David rambles on for a while about something or other. Hack

Show Links:

Teknikal Diffikulties is another (vastly superior) comedy podcast hosted by Cayenne Chris Conroy. It’s a riot, I highly suggest that you take a listen if you haven’t already.
Kim’s DeviantArt Page, where you can find a whole slew of short stories (including Hunger, featured in this week’s show), poetry and the occasional cross-stitched pokemon.
Paolo Margari composed the music that I’ve used in my outro, entitled “Another One”. Also, the music playing in the backgrond of Gaston’s Resturant is “Israel” by Larry G Sax Ensemble.
Incidently, Soundclick is an excellent resource for all types of music.