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The Inaugural Episode!
June 21, 2006, 1:56 pm
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New Show: The Inaugural Episode!

The first episode has arrived! This week on the show we have a scientific revalation, some resturant humour, a sneak peek inside the UN and some chap called David rambles on for a while about something or other. Hack

Show Links:

Teknikal Diffikulties is another (vastly superior) comedy podcast hosted by Cayenne Chris Conroy. It’s a riot, I highly suggest that you take a listen if you haven’t already.
Kim’s DeviantArt Page, where you can find a whole slew of short stories (including Hunger, featured in this week’s show), poetry and the occasional cross-stitched pokemon.
Paolo Margari composed the music that I’ve used in my outro, entitled “Another One”. Also, the music playing in the backgrond of Gaston’s Resturant is “Israel” by Larry G Sax Ensemble.
Incidently, Soundclick is an excellent resource for all types of music.


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