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Show Tomorrow!
September 24, 2006, 9:23 pm
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Sorry guys, the show is going to be delayed until tomorrow sometime (probably in the evening). Whilst I’ve got most of my material written, I’ve run out of time to actually record anything without rushing it and it turning out sounding awful. Don’t worry though, I’ve now changed my schedule so that I’ll have most of Saturday free to  do the brunt of the work on a show, before adding the final touches Sunday evening. So hang in there, and hopefully future updates will be more reliable. Hooray!


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Mmmmkay, here’s the story:

I’m taking a class on humour here at lovely Michigan State Universtiy, and during our recitation we’re supposed to bring in something we find funny and I’m wondering if it would be perfectly alright for me to use an exerpt from one of your podcasts…how do you feel about this?

Comment by brenlo

Dear David Underwood and Her Majesty,

I would like to say that I have been quiety waiting and crying in a corner for the podcast. please I beg of you release the podcast even something… …even a hello… …anything.

Thank you in advance,

The crying blob on the floor,


P.S. do you know why, according to Pablo Picasso, the alarm clock was invented?

Comment by STIB

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